IN THIS SECOND book of The Scenturion Spy series, Dr. Milt Davidson has been recruited from the Empire State University (ESU) in New York, where he is an academic pathologist, to spy for the CIA. Since the Russians are developing bioweaponry based on odors that activate receptors in the nose and affect the brain, Milt – who completed graduate studies for a Ph.D.-degree on the sense of smell (olfaction) while in medical school – developed a biotechnology company (Pharmascent Sciences, Inc.) for new neurological therapies administered via smell. This became his cover to spy on Russia’s military’s research on olfaction after taking a sabbatical leave from ESU to work for the CIA.

Milt – 43-year-old, handsome, smart, single, and unexpectedly suave for a scientist – gets involved with a French/Israeli spy, Marie Chalfont, as well as Dr. Natasha Petrushkin, a deputy science minister in the Russian parliament. Both help him settle in Moscow, seduce him, and are suspected of being double-agents. The book begins with Milt secretly escaping to St. Martin, where Marie is hiding from the Hezbollah, having assassinated one of their leaders. In Moscow, Milt spies on the Russian olfactory bioweaponry research program through both scientific pretexts and some seduction tactics of his own.

Will Milt uncover major secrets of the Russian bioweaponry program? Or will his cover be blown, and American security threatened? Readers will find out soon enough in this thrilling page-turner.

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David Goldenberg, MD, a recognized leader in the field of cancer research, has written an absorbing and exciting novel encompassing his extensive scientific knowledge and a rich imagination in the area of global spying.

Romance and intrigue keep the reader wondering how this scientist, traveling between Russia, New York and Israel, is going to manage his scientific endeavors and complicated love entanglements. All seem to blend, if not seamlessly, then at least without too many hiccups. Murder and a surprise ending makes for a good, interesting read! I recommend it.

Ruthi Zinn Byrne
Zinn Graves & Field
Marketing & Public Relations
Florham Park NJ 07932

In his second book in The Scenturion Spy series, Dr. David M. Goldenberg beautifully weaves science and art through the main espionage theme, capturing the perils of spying, while also treating the reader to the marvelous process of discovery in cancer research, academic politics, clinical trials, and the world of art, all from the vantage point of the protagonist, Milt Davidson, MD, PhD. The espionage activity, spanning several countries, revolves around attempts to unearth the purpose and the details of the olfaction program in the adversary’s territory, with shocking events and a surprising news unfolding at the end. Rich details adorn this fascinating novel, which flows at a breathtaking pace. The reader is left yearning for more as it comes to a sudden end. It is this reader’s wish that more will be forthcoming.

Serengulam Govindan, Ph.D.
Former Chief Chemist, Immunomedics, Inc.

Congratulations to the author! You have done it again and even better than Book One in this series of The Scenturion Spy. I really enjoyed the actions of the main characters, especially the inner life and thoughts of the protagonist, Milt, and also the capricious women romantically involved with him. Book Two expands on the details of olfaction and how it could be weaponized. Also, the byproduct subject of cell fusion and cancer is fascinating, and evidently the author’s actual science contribution. The subject of art and the focus on Modigliani, as well as impressionism in general, as well as interesting scenes of a Bar Mitzvah, and attention to details on cuisine, music, and life in Russia, contribute to a broader readership interest alongside the intriguing espionage. I devoured this quickly and am anxious to read Book Three.

Azra Raza, M.D
Chan Soon-Shiong Professor of Medicine
Director, MDS Center
Columbia University Medical Center
Author of The First Cell: And the Human Costs of Pursuing Cancer to the Last

The much-anticipated second book of The Scenturion Spy series by David M. Goldenberg does not disappoint. It picks up from the first book when the main character, Milt Davidson, M.D., Ph.D., is recruited by the CIA because of his interest in olfactory olfactory biology. The Israeli Mossad and CIA indicate that the Russians are using psychedelics as odors binding to olfactory receptors to control mood and regulate behavior. Milt uses his start-up biopharmaceutical company to conduct clinical trials in Russia as a cover to learn more about their attempts to weaponize the olfactory delivery of mood-altering compounds. The twists and turns leap from each chapter, including his involvement with two beautiful women. The first is Marie Chalfont, who is a Mossad agent, and the second is Dr. Natasha Petrushkin, a Russian deputy minister, who Milt attempts to recruit as a double agent. The action spins the globe, from New York to Moscow and Israel. The storyline is timely, and the current geopolitical climate color the personal interactions of the characters. The author’s own expertise in the pharmaceutical industry and also cancer research come through and add greatly to the storyline. For those who love a good spy novel, this is a must-read.

James W. Freeman, Ph.D.
Retired Professor of Experimental Pathology,
Cancer Therapy and Research Center,
University of Texas Health Science Center,
San Antonio, Texas
Author of The Boys of Laurel